Leigh Esty Photos


Through my eyes

I don’t want to forget anything that has happened in my life. I get nervous that one day my memories will just disappear. The people, the experiences, and the feelings of my life are just too important to lose. Perhaps that’s why the concept of photography is so inviting to me. It amazes me that you can hold onto a moment forever through a photograph.


At seven years of age, my love affair with photography began. My parents were often behind the camera, so I was able to observe their techniques. It’s quite addicting, photography; you press a button and you have an instant souvenir of an event.  I began to record my memories, and I haven’t been able to stop. The world  stays with me forever through images.


Thus far in my career, my photography has taken two roads. One leads to the art of movement through dance, and the other to the natural world around me. As a professional dancer, I understand intuitively the full body commitment and emotional experience it takes to connect with an audience. For a photographer, this is an advantage. I have been able to capture the essence of dance with my camera and share it.


The natural world is intriguing to me. Being able to photograph the Earth and its inhabitants has been a true pleasure.  When I capture an image, I feel forever connected with life. Life is a beautiful thing.


My sincere wish is that as you view my photographs, you will take a piece of me and life away with you.

Happy viewing,

Leigh - Ann

Photographs © Leigh-Ann Esty. (left) Bar Harbor, Maine. (top right) A school of fish in Coral Gables, Florida. Miami City Ballet dancers in Twyla Tharp’s The Golden Section (bottom left), and Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering (bottom right).